Beyond Skin: Luxury Designer Vegan Shoes

Beyond Skin was founded with the clear objective of offering luxury vegan footwear that encompassed individuality, authenticity and sustainability. We wanted to create a brand for the discerning, for those who care about where their fashion comes from and what it stands for.


Materials – All of our shoes have 100% recycled faux leather lining with a vegetable polymer coating.

Insoles – All of our shoes have insoles made from approx. 70% post consumer cardboard. Our heels and top pieces are made from PU plastic that are injection moulded and our soles are made from rubber resin of which approx.

Our factories – We work closely with our factories in spain so we are confident that no-one is exploited in the creation of your shoes and endeavour to source our components and fabrics as locally to our factories as we possibly can to try and reduce our carbon footprint.

Donation – We pledge to give 5% of our profits to grass-root environmental and social projects. We know this is only a small amount but as we grow we will be able to give more which gives us an even bigger reason to want to grow!


Ship to US and most countries.

Price Range: $145$270

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