SAMARA: 100% Cruelty-Free Fashion House

SAMARA stands to create luxury vegan fashion that exudes simplicity and elegance. The brand started out of a need for small, minimalist purses and wallets that were not overtly branded, that were eco-friendly, not posing any harm to animals, without luxury markups but with the same quality as higher end brands.


Vegan Leather – we looked for the best vegan leather. Most vegan leathers today are currently made from PVC. PU is better as it’s less petroleum heavy. PVC is much more harmful for the environment than PU is. We have never used PVC, and only use PU.

Plant-Based Leather – Our goal at SAMARA is to one day be entirely plant-based to ensure that our materials are sustainable and require the least amount of processing. We work with a small factory in Europe that creates our apple leather. They make this out of the apple skins that are a waste byproduct of the juicing industry.

Donation – A portion of SAMARA’s profits go towards supporting The Soular Backpack, which also employs women in Kenya to create sustainable change.


Ship to US and most countries.

Price Range: $50$180

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